Becoming Obsolete: Has AI Killed The Online Writer?

Joe Bee
3 min readDec 7, 2022

Short answer, yes. Long answer…maybe.

I’ve sounded the alarm bells for some time on Twitter about the ascent of the AI content creation machine. Many thought I was a crackpot and still believed in the human dominance of the written word.

But as each day passes, more and more content creators are moving to artificial intelligence to write for them. Not only that, the companies who pay writers to create content for them are also migrating to machines to make their copy.

From a capitalist viewpoint, AI makes perfect sense. Why pay a premium for a human writer when I can use a machine to create acceptable content that’s also maximized for the algorithm? Use the machine to appease the machine. Simple.

It’s the same reason Apple uses slave labor to make their phones; it’s horrible, reprehensible, but most importantly, cost-effective. The consumer demand for iPhones far outweighs the morality of their production.

The same goes for content. The insatiable need trumps the argument of whether or not we should be outsourcing our species’ oldest means of communication to artificial intelligence.