How To Create Your Perfect Writing Day

Follow these steps to ensure literary stardom…eventually.

Joe Bee


Writers often pat themselves on the back for being as spontaneous as a firecracker at a Fourth of July BBQ. We scribble when the muse whispers sweet nothings in our ears, riding the rollercoaster of our ever-shifting emotions. Because, let’s face it, genius doesn’t RSVP to your scheduling party, right?

Don’t get me wrong; I adore the romanticized aspects of the writing life and the fantastical aura it conjures. But let’s be brutally honest; more often than not, the notion of being a wordsmith is like a siren’s call, luring us toward an iceberg of hard graft. I’m with you, craving the writer’s lifestyle while desperately yearning for productivity.

Writing, my friends, is akin to a mental marathon, a cerebral triathlon. Heading into it without a game plan is like showing up for a duel with a rubber sword — you’re in for a world of hurt, and those pages will remain as barren as a desert at high noon. Regardless of your scribbling specialty, follow this roadmap, and you’ll be feasting on mouthwatering paragraphs in no time. Let’s dive into the blueprint for a writer’s day done right.

Rise and Shine

Now, waking up at the crack of dawn might sound as enticing as watching paint dry, especially after a night of hobnobbing and gently poking fun at writers who’ve hit the jackpot. Been there, done that — conversations about our craft can run longer than a Shakespearean tragedy, leaving you feeling like a zombie the next day.

But hold your horses, fellow ink-slingers! This isn’t about instant keyboard pounding. Think of it as preheating the creative oven. Pour yourself a cup of ambition (read: coffee), chat with your better half, and let those mental gears grind.

Mornings are golden for reflection, some light journaling, and living in the here and now. Don’t stress about what you must do; frame it as what you get to do. A dash of gratitude in the morning can sprinkle magic over your day and craft.

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