Boring Life Advice For Twenty-Somethings From a 41-Year-Old Who Wished He Knew Then What He Knows Now

I didn’t have someone to share gems like these with me. Listen up.

Joe Bee
4 min readMar 6


Time for some tough love. I won’t sugarcoat what I’m about to say, but if you value your future, you’ll heed my advice.

I was a bonafide jerk-off when I was a younger man in my twenties. I fucked around for years with no direction or ambition. I’d venture to say plenty of people like me are pissing away their formative years on booze, recreational drug use, and chasing ass.

Then one morning, I woke up and was 41 years old, and I felt like I ruined my life because I didn’t do the necessary legwork to ensure I wouldn’t be behind the eight ball as a middle-aged man. Well, I’m not about to let that happen to you. Listen up.

Get A Boring Job

This advice runs counter to the “follow your dreams” narrative. Listen, if you have a dream, chase it, but don’t be shocked when it doesn’t work out.

Your dreams as a twenty-something will be far different from those in your forties. Unless you’re one of the few people who know without hesitation what they want to be, you will change your mind and find yourself back at square one after pursuing a dream that didn’t pan out.

Here’s my advice: suck it up and get a stable job. The reality is that most stable jobs with chances for advancement aren’t very glamorous. It might suck, but you’ll thank yourself at 40 when you have a robust 401K, a home that’s paid off, and money in the bank.

Being 40 now is wildly different from being forty twenty years ago. In 2043, when you’re in your forties, you’ll have the body and nimble mind you have right now. I feel healthier now than I did in my twenties, so don’t consider working a tedious job for twenty years as wasting the best years of your life.

Life spans are lengthening at a rapid rate. Twenty years go by in the blink of an eye. Don’t get caught flat-footed in your forties trying to make up for twenty years of fucking around. Get the job, do it for two decades, build assets, and when you’re forty, and you look like you’re still 22, quit and do whatever the hell…



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